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HOF Las Rocosa Shiloh




Sire: Boehmer's Four Man

Dam: Hosmer's Jill


Shiloh was one of the greatest champions of the breed, if not, as in the opinion of many people, the greatest of all. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest sires. Many famous dogs today trace their ancestry back to CH Las Rocosa Shiloh (HOF). His stately lines and extremely handsome head gave him perfect conformation in all respects. He was prepotent and consistent in reproducing his type. He stamped his off-spring with a classy type, beautiful heads, deep rich colors, structural and genetic soundness, athletic ability, solid temperament and superior working ability whose style became a trademark for generations to follow.


Shiloh confirmed his genetic stability and superiority in his get, grand get and great grand get who, in turn, have made their marks on the breed. One of the most successful crosses occurred between Shiloh and Hartnagle's Fritzie Taylor. The cross was repeated on several occasions and invariably produced excellent results. For instance, CH Las Rocosa Leslie CSD was a product of this cross. She, in turn, produced three outstanding Hall of Fame sires who have made a substantial mark on the breed - Las Rocosa Sydney, CH Chulo and HOF CH Las Rocosa Lester.



Shiloh was a champion of champions in all aspects. For Shiloh's outstanding record as a sire, Shiloh was placed on the ASCA Honor Roll, in the Hall of Fame and was the recipient of many other prestigious awards, such as the Dog World Award of Canine Distinction. He was the ultimate companion. Shiloh was a pleasure to handle and train. He was intelligent, good-natured, and easy to teach. He was quiet, courageous and obedient. When working stock, no matter how tough the situation, he held his ground and kept his cool. He could go from working cattle to sheep without any difficulty. We always admired his natural ability. He could head or heel cattle with equal ease. He had natural balance and would work sheep as little or as much distance as was needed. Shiloh was one of those one in a million dogs with an uncanny ability to read the situation and rate the livestock by using stock savvy. If a single maverick attempted to break away from the herd, it did so only once before Shiloh put it back in it's place. He was in a class all his own.


Notes by Jeanne-Joy Hartnagle-Taylor.




Even today, the finest red dogs go back to Shiloh. As a sire, Shiloh met our unyielding specifications. His dam, Hosmer's Jill, was a full sister to Hud and Fritzie Taylor - who were already proven in our program. Shiloh has since become one of the most influential foundation sires of the breed. A saying coined long ago held steadfast throughout the years: Shiloh - a name that made history in our nation - a name that made history in our breed!



Shiloh is the sire of a number of the breeds' foundation individuals that include:


   - CH Las Rocosa Leslie CSD (Shiloh x Hartnagle's Fritzie Taylor)
   - Las Rocosa Lester CSD (HOF)
(Shiloh x CH Las Rocosa Leslie CSD)
   - CH Stonehenge Justin Case of Las Rocosa CD
(Shiloh x CH Shanahan's Phantom CDX)
   - CH Las Rocosa Ricky Taylor
(Shiloh x Hartnagle's Fritzie Taylor)
   - CH Las Rocosa Rojo Hombre
(Shiloh x Hartnagle's Fritzie Taylor))
   - CH Las Rocosa Blue Brocade
(Shiloh x Hartnagle's Fritzie Taylor))
   - CH Las Rocosa Rose
(Shiloh x Hartnagle's Fritzie Taylor)
   - HOF Las Rocosa Christophene STDds OTDc
(Shiloh x Howe's Little Peedee)


to name a few.


Carol, Jeanne & Jim with
Las Rocosa Dolly Dee, CH Las Rocosa Shiloh, Las Rocosa Moss Agate


Progeny Sired by HOF Champion Las Rocosa Shiloh CD:

• Ch Stonehenge Justin Case of Las Rocosa
• Ch Las Rocosa Leslie CSD-c
• Las Rocosa Rapakivi Blue CDX
• Ch Las Rocosa Rojo Hombre CD
• Ch Leata
• Ch Las Rocosa Hot Flash
• Ch Las Rocosa Ricky Taylor
• Ch Las Rocosa Rio Rita
• Ch Las Rocosa Canadian Pepe CD
• Ch Las Rocosa Blue Brocade
• HOF Las Rocosa Lester
• HOF Las Rocosa Christophene OTD-c
• Spangler’s Christmas Angel CDX


Other prominent Las Rocosa Shiloh offspring:

• Las Rocosa Commanche Chance
• Las Rocosa Poncho
• Las Rocosa Maverick
• Las Rocosa Dolly Dee
• Las Rocosa Cooter
• Las Rocosa Rose

Please click here to see photos of some of Shiloh's kids...


Photos and information are from the books Australian Shepherd (AS) by Joseph Hartnagle and All About Aussies (AAA) by Jeanne-Joy Hartnagle-Taylor and from Las Rocosa information brochures. All information is used with permission.


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